Blockchain Technology goes synonymously with ‘Cryptocurrency’ and its worldwide resonance with ‘coins’ and ‘tokens’. Blockchain technology has become a hot topic of discussion in the Web Development industry. This buzzword is surrounded by a lot of hype and it still keeps people wondering about the applications of blockchain technology and if they are worth making any profitable business models.

However, there are several used cases of blockchain that could benefit the Web Development space. Cryptocurrency has become immensely popular among traders, investors, and the general public as well over the last two decades. In the year 2028, there were around 1600 types of cryptocurrencies in circulation and it keeps growing in number.

This phenomenon has led to an increase in demand for Blockchain Developers and Blockchain Development Companies. A Full-Stack Blockchain Developer earns more than $112,000 on average every month. So, you can now understand how potentially valued they are. There are many freelancing websites available on the internet that posts jobs for remote Web Development workers.

ICO Website Design

Get the right website for your ICO launch project to build your community, find investments and meet your project goals.

ICO Tracking Portal

Our solutions are designed to keep track and analyze token sales and ICO movements while it grows and expands.

Cryptocurrency Exchanges

One of the most efficient ways to get rewards in the crypto industry is to assist pre-engaged people in cryptocurrency.

Auction Platforms

Our web solutions represent the software development core which combines the best features and modules of each type of auction.

Cloud-Mining Platforms

We have expertise in leasing our computing power by offering our cloud-based services for people who want to invest in crypto.

Decentralizd Transaction Records

The transactions in the Blockchain network are carried out by the mutual consensus mechanism of the user for safer, & transactions.

Easy, Immutable, and secured transactions

No participant can tamper with the transaction data after it gets recorded to the shared ledger system.

Fundraising with security coins/tokens

Back up your coins/tokens with all the legal support to get an upper edge in the competition and raise funds securely and quickly.

Cryptocurrency and Wallet Development

Our crypto wallets are designed to offer robust solutions for funding. Our Wallet Development can deliver the best profit-generating needs.


Cryptocurrency is a hot topic of discussion in the financial and technological industry. We all are familiar with the word ‘Crypto’ since it is exceptionally spreading in the market over the last few years. Worldwide traders and investors are making millions with Cryptocurrency ( virtual currency that can be purchased, sold, and traded for another virtual currency or get real-life products or services) investment.

In simpler terms, cryptocurrency is just like any traditional currency (fiat currency or bank notes) but in digital form. It is essentially used in making online transactions in accordance with the newly introduced ‘Blockchain Technology’. Cryptocurrencies are entries that are encrypted into the database which can only be real or modified under the fulfillment of specific protocols.

These are usually carried out to keep all online financial transactions secure. So, to proceed further into the discussion, Crown Hill IT Solutions will share all the necessary knowledge of cryptocurrency app development:

Understand The Blockchain
This is the most crucial step to developing a crypto-wallet as blockchain works of decentralized architecture spread throughout the computer networks that manage and record transactions. Work out all the services that you will provide for problem-solving. Knowing the right blockchain to use will help you to understand Crypto web or app development.
Decide The Web App Development
To decide on Crypto web app development, you have two options to choose from— first is finding pre-built source codes from the online libraries so you don’t have to waste your time and effort in coding by yourself. The second is starting everything down from scratch. This is both times consuming and expensive process but you can choose the design and functionalities of your app.
App Programming Interface
Integrating APIs into the system is a crucial and wonderful way to create a Crypto-based web app with tons of functionalities and features. It will also fasten the process of your app development and will help in guiding the cryptocurrency app development. Some of the most popular APIs that are available on the internet are Bitcore, Coinbase, and Factom.
Right Stack Selection
Choosing the right stack will give your application all the necessary features that it needs. You can use the HTML5 and CSS3 with Angular.js or Node.js for website application creation, Java or Kotlin for iOS or Android apps, and Objective C or Swift can also be used for iOS app development. This will help you to develop scalable crypto website applications.

Cryptocurrencies have proved their worth and have taken over the world by storm. As per the crypto experts, these digital currencies have the potential to empower social and economic growth globally by giving access to financial services much easier.

Currently, there are around 2000 cryptocurrencies in circulation in the blockchain network and new ones are being developed each day. For people who are planning to make an insane amount of profits through the crypto industry, essentially there are two ways— create a new cryptocurrency with unique features or launch a crypto exchange platform where crypto trading takes place.